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Aerial of Beautiful Rangamati [HD]

Rangamati (Bengali: রাঙামাটি) (Chakma: চাকমা) is the administrative headquarters of Rangamati Hill District in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. It is also a Capital city of Chittagong Hill Tracts. The town is located at 22°37’60N 92°12’0E and has an altitude of 14 metres (46 ft).[1] The district is administered by an office named as District Administration, Rangamati

From Chittagong a 77 km road leads to Rangamati. The township is located on the western bank of the Kaptai lake. Rangamati is a holiday destination because of its landscape, scenic beauty, lake, colourful indigenous groups (Chakma, Marma, Keot(Kaibarta), indigenous Assamese people etc.), its flora and fauna, indigenous museum, hanging bridge etc. Sajek Vallery

Special Thanks to: Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation and BGB, kaptai

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